Anue Big Data Presentation at Interop

Interop Las Vegas: Enterprise Cloud Summit - Big Data


Our Anue Systems CTO, Chip Webb, will be interviewed by Jeremy Edberg, Lead Cloud Reliability Engineer from Netflix, at the Enterprise Cloud Summit – Big Data at Interop next week.

Big Data is a technology that is emerging fast, due to its extreme business value. People are really excited about its potential.  Big Data really is different.   I like this description of Big Data from O’Reilly Radar: Big data is data that exceeds the processing capacity of conventional database systems. The data is too big, moves too fast, or doesn’t fit the strictures of your database architectures. To gain value from this data, you must choose an alternative way to process it.

Enterprise Cloud Summit - Big Data at Interop Las Vegas

Workloads are bigger, application architecture is different, and applications can be really sophisticated, such as genetic research (protein folding), wind tunnel simulation (one of my personal favorites), stock trading, and web log analysis (think 10s of millions of people visiting websites for targeted advertising.)  Organizations have been collecting logs for a long time, but now have a framework to analyze this mass amount of data and make money from it.

What Is Apache Hadoop?

Whether it is your own implementation of Hadoop on your own infrastructure, or you are using tools like Karmasphere to give analysis capabilities to non-technical users, there are a lot of applications (MapReduce, Pig, Hive and others) and network (how your clusters talk and troubleshooting) work and you want to make sure that your data is secure since it is usually sensitive data.

Three distinct monitoring areas emerge with Big Data: application behavior, network and security.  The tough part is that different groups will be doing monitoring using different tools.  Without a network monitoring switch between the data center production network and monitoring and security tools, a lack of network data access points will force compromises between the different groups, resulting in suboptimal monitoring, which can lead to outages and incidents.Don't Compromise and Learn more about Anue Systems - Net Tool Optimizer 5288 Product Overview

The network monitoring switch aggregates and filters data from across the network so that any number of monitoring tools can get exactly the data they need – no more, no less.  Instead of worrying about limited network access points (SPANs for port mirroring and TAPs) and forcing monitoring requirements from different groups and tools to need to be painstakingly prioritized, you don’t need to compromise.The different groups and tools responsible for monitoring Big Data: application behavior, network and security can all get what they need WITHOUT SACRIFICE, using a network monitoring switch.

Please consider attending Enterprise Cloud Summit – Big Data.  Chip’s time on the agenda is 2:45pm  May 7,  in Mandalay Bay, Lagoon D. Stop by the Anue Systems booth #527.