The Network Monitoring Switch Down Under


The Anue team just returned from Cisco Live Australia, held in Melbourne, March 20th  – 23rd.  As we saw Melbourne for the first time, one fact especially amazed us.  After the nearly four-hour plane ride from Austin to LA, the 15-hour flight across the Pacific, and 23 hours of total travel time, Melbourne, Australia looks remarkably similar to our home base and Anue Systems headquarters,  Austin, Texas!  See for yourself below.

Austin Texas Melbourne Australia
This is Austin This is Melbourne

We really enjoyed meeting the techies from  Australia, New Zealand, and India and were very impressed with the thriving industry throughout the region – from telecommunications, to banking and finance, to mining. We were also impressed with the “Aussie luck” in the Anue dice game, awarding more prizes at Cisco Live! Australia than any other event!

Anue Systems Cisco Melbourne

What’s more, we noticed a main commonality between the network engineers at this event and those in other markets:  the need to learn about network monitoring switch technology. When we asked the question, “Are you familiar with a network monitoring switch?”,   most of the replies were “not sure,” “a little,” or just a flat “no.” When we explained that a network monitoring switch sits between the network and the network tools (see  diagram below) and allows you to filter, aggregate, and de-dupe data sent to monitoring tools, improve network visibility and boost network performance, their interest piqued, and they wanted to learn more.

Anue Systems NTO Diagram

Click Image to learn more about the Network Monitoring Switch on YouTube

The value proposition of a network monitoring switch such as the Anue Net Tool Optimizer is clear:

  • It provides network engineers with complete visibility into the network by eliminating SPAN port and TAP access contention
  • It maximizes return on monitoring tool investment by using 1G or 10G tools to monitor 10G or 40G traffic
  • It saves employee time and deployment costs
  • It provides the easiest to use, drag-and-drop interface on the market


Discussions around the Anue solution for large data centers and telecom providers kept our APAC sales manager, Sudarshan “Suds” Rajagopal, in constant discussion for the three-day show.

   This is Suds:
APACsales manager, Sudarshan “Suds” Rajagopal







Above all, we had fun “evangelizing” about network monitoring switch technology and even more fun making good friends down under. And I would be remiss if I did NOT mention the great feast we enjoyed at Stalactites Greek Restaurant – home style Greek cuisine, open 24 hours!

Thanks for a great time in Melbourne!