Gartner Research Video: Challenges of the Modern Data Center


To keep pace with increasing demands on compute power and bandwidth, data centers face a tremendous challenge. Cloud and the explosion of bandwidth-hungry video and mobile apps all contribute to the challenge. In addition, the trend of dispersed computing across personal computers has reversed, and more computing power and storage is being centralized at the data center.

Alex Pepe, Anue Systems's President and CEO

Alex Pepe, Anue's President and CEO

In the video, Mark Fabbi, VP, distinguished analyst at Gartner Research, and Alex Pepe, Anue president and CEO answer key questions. Mark discusses the challenges, and Alex describes the role of the network monitoring switch in achieving data center goals.

Alex responds to Mark’s thoughts on the modern data center and makes observations around the major barrier that make a network monitoring switch essential:


These barriers lead to gaps in monitoring since not all tools can be connected when and where they are needed, or tools may be overwhelmed, which leads to lost critical data. Plus, improperly configured tools do not capture needed network traffic.

The Anue Solution

Anue’s network monitoring switch, the Anue Net Tool Optimizer™ (NTO), solves many network monitoring issues. It allows complete connectivity for a wide range of monitoring tools without the limitations of  TAP and SPAN, ports allowing connections to any and all of the needed network monitoring tools.

Additionally, with features like packet filtering technology, packet de-duplication, and packet slicing, the NTO sends only the data that each monitoring tool needs – preserving tool bandwidth and storage space. Now a 1G tool can be connected to a 10G network port without dropping packets and exceeding storage space.

The NTO also has a unique drag-and-drop control panel that makes connecting monitoring tools fast and easy. Network engineers can focus on network monitoring instead of configuring tools.

With effective network monitoring, data centers can enhance traffic flow efficiency for better bandwidth utilization, and they can spot and correct potential network problems before they lead to a failure. Plus better comprehensive network data and metrics is the first step in continually improving network performance. Proper monitoring also enhances security since alerts are quickly created for suspected breaches and network traffic can be diverted to the right tool for monitoring and inspection.

While meeting the modern data center challenges will take a multi-faceted approach, incorporating the NTO into the data center strategy is essential in working smarter to meet these ever increasing demands.

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